A boy and his dog

This is a fictional story. Lucas really exists and Cabo was his dog, but this story isn’t based on real events.

Lucas loves Cabo
Lucas Royalty and Cabo (original photo: Lucas’ instagram, edit by me)

Lucas wakes up in the morning and notices Cabo isn’t next to him. That’s strange, because Cabo was next to him when he went to bed and when they go to bed together, they wake up together. Lucas hopes nothing’s wrong, because of Cabo’s medical history. Roxy isn’t here either, and she was in his room as well last night.

Lucas walks to the kitchen where he’s greeted by his mom and to his joy by Cabo and Roxy. Mom explains the dogs left his room when she came in to his room to see if he was awake, the dogs got up and left the room. Lucas eats his breakfast, takes a shower and gets dressed.

Planning for today;

  • Check Instagram together with mom (Lucas sees all approved posts and sometimes is allowed to answer)
  • Do homework
  • Check Instagram together with mom
  • Learn lines for a self tape
  • Check Instagram together with mom
  • Try recording the self tape

And in between eat lunch, diner, spent time with Cabo and Roxy, possibly pose for pictures for Instagram.

Then the doorbell rings. Mom asks Lucas to check who it is. Since it’s a delivery guy Lucas is allowed to open the door. Lucas forgot to check where Roxy and Cabo are and left the door to the rest of the house open. Without Lucas noticing Cabo sneaks out to the front yard to sniff on the plants there. Lucas takes the package and closes the door. Then it’s time to do homework. Since that works better without dogs, Lucas doesn’t notice Cabo is missing. After doing his homework Lucas want mom to post a photo of him and Cabo, because it’s been a while since they posted that. Lucas calls Cabo, but she doesn’t come. They go look for Cabo, but only see Roxy. Usually Cabo is nearby, but they can’t find her anywhere. They ask Roxy where Cabo is and she walks towards to door to the hallway and starts barking. Mom checks with Lucas if he closed the door when he went to the front door. Lucas thinks and remembers forgetting to check if the door was closed. Mom goes looking outside while Lucas has to stay in. After a thorough search of the front yard mom comes back alone.

Lucas is sad. His best friend is missing and it’s his fault. With the help of mom, Lucas makes missing posters to hang up in the neighbourhood. Lucas helps mom hanging them up in the neighbourhood. They talk to a few neighbours, but none of them have seen Cabo. Lucas shares his sadness on Instagram, because he wants his followers to share in every aspect of his life. He wants to keep it real as he says himself. Most people reply in a positive way with supporting replies, but some respond in a negative way. Lucas doesn’t get to see those replies. People are blocked.
The self tapes weren’t recorded. Lucas wasn’t feeling up to it and he still has a few days before they’re due.

A few days later, Lucas is still sad about Cabo, but life continues. He finished the self tapes in time. The doorbell rings, mom opens and there is a woman she doesn’t know, the woman has the missing poster in her hands. She wants to know how long Cabo is missing. They moved in recently and she was busy with unpacking, so she didn’t notice the posters before. Her son found a stray dog a few days ago and they didn’t want the dog to stay outside, so they took the dog in and took care of the dog. When she saw the poster today she noticed how much the dog looked like the dog they took in. Mom and Lucas follow the woman to their home. When they come in, they see Cabo and Cabo immediately runs to Lucas. The boy comes in as well and he is a boy about the same age as Lucas. He is sad that he has to say goodbye to Cabo. Lucas says the boy can always come over to their house, so they can play with Cabo together. The boy likes the idea. Lucas takes Cabo home. Mom gives Lucas a compliment for inviting the boy over. Lucas thinks it’s normal. The boy took care of Cabo and Cabo (and Roxy) can never have too much friends.

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