The Chorister Battle

Luca Brugnoli (L) and Cormac Thompson (R)

One fine day somewhere in London, a lot of choristers are at a venue in London, to get the big prize: A CD produced by one of UK’s top producers for classical music. Two of the candidates are former candidates of BBC’s chorister of the year: Cormac Thompson and Luca Brugnoli. All candidates gather in … Read more

How to cope with the COVID-19 quarantine

Sam Hurwitz

This is the unofficial story behind the video Mirror Image by Sam Hurwitz. The covid-19 epidemic is at a high, schools closed, everybody needs to stay home. But now what? That’s what Sam Hurwitz is thinking. He’s been busy writing songs, working on a new novel, but he wants something more. Can’t go outside and … Read more

The stolen clothes

Tyler Lorette - The Stolen Clothes

It’s a warm day. Temperatures are pretty high for the time of the year, but that doesn’t stop Tyler Lorette from performing at a gig. Music is his life. And he loves performing in front of an audience. What Tyler doesn’t know yet is that something unexpected is going to happen, something Tyler won’t like. … Read more

The mad director

Noah & William Franklyn-Miller

It’s a normal day for William Franklyn-Miller. He just got home from swim training and now time for breakfast. As always his brother Noah and sister Sienna are also present. The eat their breakfast and meanwhile look back at the training. It was a good training session, but there is always room for improvement. After … Read more

Old Middle School, what happened afterwards

Madden Zook & Cameron Judd in Old Middle School

This story is a follow up to above video, so watch it before you read the story. [Madden] When Madden gets home he sees his mom is angry. He doesn’t understand why. He made it to the bus on time and didn’t do anything wrong. “Go to your room Madden and don’t come out until … Read more