How Jacob Tremblay ruined my relationship

Photo of Jacob Tremblay
Jacob Tremblay

It’s over between me and my girlfriend because of Jacob Tremblay. Neither of us knows him personally, but yet he is the cause of our break up.

You probably think: Every girl has a crush on boys that are more or less famous, but she wasn’t the one that had a crush on Jacob. It’s me and to be honest the crush wasn’t of the proportions you would break up for.
So then what did happen? I will have to take you back in time to explain it.

About a year ago I changed schools. That’s normal when you’re a 12 year old boy.
You switch from primary to secondary school. First day at school a girl caught my eye. She’s not the prettiest girl, but something about her caught my attention. We talked to each other and soon became boyfriend and girlfriend.

We both love watching movies. So every weekend we hold a movie night. Sometimes with friends, sometimes just the two of us.
About three months ago we decide to watch Wonder, which stars Jacob Tremblay. If you know the movie, you wouldn’t expect anyone to fall in love with Jacob, because on the outside Augie is ugly. So neither of us fell in love with Jacob. We both thought the actor playing Augie had to be brave to be willing to play in a movie with his looks.
We looked him up on IMDb and saw it wasn’t his first movie.
A few weeks later we watched Book of Henry. And it turned out Jacob didn’t use to be ugly.

When Good Boys came out, we had to see it. And then we were confused (didn’t check the photos on his IMDb profile page). Good Boys Jacob didn’t look like Augie.

I had a feeling with Jacob I’ve felt before with boys, but never so strong as with Jacob. This confused me. It wasn’t as strong as with my girlfriend, but still stronger than with other boys.
I decided to start ignoring Jacob, so the feeling would go away. I also decided not to tell my girlfriend. It wouldn’t have mattered that much. Only difference would have been the break up date.

Ignoring Jacob didn’t work as my girlfriend liked him very much as an actor and she would regularly talk about him.
Since this made me keep thinking about Jacob I decided to ask my girlfriend to stop talking about him.
Asking her to stop talking about him, made her ask why.
Since she was my girlfriend I didn’t want to keep it a secret, so I told he about my feelings for Jacob.

Her reaction was not what I expected. If Jacob would have been a girl, even a girl from school, it wouldn’t have been a problem. But boys who love boys and boys who love boys and girls were sick and needed help. She couldn’t have a relationship with such a boy and that’s why she wanted to break up.
I was devastated, I couldn’t understand. Because I apparently love boys and girls, I was a bad person?

I decided to talk to my dad. Trust me, he usually isn’t very liberal. However in this case he was. He told me there was nothing wrong with me. If my next girlfriend would actually be a boyfriend, he would be just as welcome. My mom agreed with him, but that wasn’t a big surprise.

At school during home room my ex-girlfriend tried to make me look bad by asking if it was to break up with a boy because he had a crush on someone else. The class had mixed feelings about this.
I decided to change the subject a bit. I asked if it was okay for a girlfriend to break up because her boyfriend had as crush on a boy and if it had been a girl she wouldn’t have broken up.
Except for a few classmates who are known to be anti-gay, everybody agreed she was wrong.

The teacher asked me to stay at after class. So I stayed.
And as I expected he knew what had happened. That my question wasn’t hypothetical, but had happened for real.

Next home room we talked about being in love with people from the same gender and and a different gender. That was when I had my official coming out as bisexual. It actually felt good. I gained a few enemies, but I was never friends with them anyway. And most of the class actually loved my courage.

Photo of Noah Jupe
Noah Jupe

So now you know how Jacob Tremblay ruined my relationship. And that with him knowing me at all.
And that ignoring Jacob? I have given up on that. Jacob is too cute to ignore. (And Noah Jupe isn’t that bad either t.b.h. 🤣)

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