Lost in the woods

“Let’s go on a scavenger hunt in the woods, it’s going to be fun.” they said. Well, it isn’t.

Should have backtraced the route after following that last left arrow. But no: “I’ll find the way out of the woods even when there are no more arrows”, that’s what I thought and acted on.
After about 15-30 minutes walking, I was wondering where the route was. And of course my phone was of no use. No reception, Well, if I continue following the path (what I’ve been doing for the past 15-30 minutes) I’ll found my way out of the forest.

One important tip when walking in an unknown forest: watch where you’re walking. Before you know it there’s a pond in front of you and you walk in it. And in case you’re wondering, yes noticed something changed about the path felt, but I was too busy trying to get reception on my phone to really notice it. Even it’s nice weather, the water is wet and cold. And I can now forget in my phone helping me out of the forest, because it didn’t like getting wet.

After struggling getting out of the pond, I don’t like walking around in wet clothes. Since nobody’s around I might as well take them off, hoping they will dry soon. In case someone comes by I keep my underwear on.

So about half an hour later (could be shorter, but it definitely felt like a long time), I check my clothes and they’re still wet. How do they do it in movies? In movies they always dry quick when it’s good weather. Well, I better collect them and continue my search for the end of the forest (and hopefully the finish of the scavenger hunt).

I’ll skip the boring long walk searching for a way out of the forest, getting very tired, hungry and thirsty. In the distance there seems to be hope (lucky this isn’t a desert, otherwise it could have been a mirage), I see a cabin. Now hope there doesn’t live a guy in that cabin that does wrong things to 17 year old boys. So I decide to head for the cabin. I do reach the cabin and the first thing the guy says: “Aren’t you that kid from The book of Henry?”. I can’t deny it. I’m indeed that kid from The book of Henry. But how does a guy living in a cabin in a forest know that movie?

He invites me in. The cabin is much more luxurious than I expected. He has a shower I can use. And I can lend dry clothes, so I don’t have to wear my wet clothes. I even get something warm to drink. We talk and I tell my story about the scavenger hunt. He offers to bring me back to the starting place or my hotel, whichever I prefer. I ask him to drop me off at the hotel. I ask him how I can return the clothes. He tells me to pay it forward and give them to someone who can use some good clothes.

In case you didn’t figure out who I am. This is me:

Jaeden Martell
Jaeden Martell

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