The Audition

No idea who thought 9 AM would be a good time for an audition, but if showing up at 9 AM means you get a chance to be in a Spielberg film, Gabriel will be there.

Usually Gabriel has a chance to prepare for an audition, but in this case all he knows is that it’s a Spielberg film. That’s not much to go on. But if he has to choose between missing a chance on a role in a Spielberg film, but knowing how to prepare. Or not knowing and having a chance at a role in a Spielberg film, Gabriel chooses the latter. Even his agent didn’t know anything else. Which is very uncommon. But with the experience he has, Gabriel isn’t afraid to do this audition.

When Gabriel arrives at the place, he finds it a bit of a strange location for a Spielberg audition. Maybe Spielberg wants the actors to be inspired by this shady looking neighbourhood. It looks you could get mugged any minute now, except that there is no one in sight. So Gabriel arrives at the designated place, all alone. His parents think that now he’s 18, he’s old enough to do auditions on his own. His agent didn’t want to come along either, probably because of the address.

Gabriel knocks on the door and a big guard opens the door: “What do you want?”
“I’m here for an audition” Gabriel replies a bit hesitantly. “Come on in. You seem a bit familiar. Do I know you from something?” the guard responds.
“Depends on what films you’ve seen. I have been in a few.”
“Now I know. You were in Child’s Play. But had to look a bit better, you’re a bit older. Better continue, don’t want to ruin your audition by talking to you about your movie career”
Gabriel continues.”Hello Gabriel, glad you decided to show up.” Gabriel hears as he enters the main room. He looks around and sees a young man, probably somewhere in his twenties. But no Steven Spielberg. Maybe, this is an assistant for the first round and in a future round he will see Spielberg himself. You never know in Hollywood.
Gabriel continues. “You look like you were expecting someone else. I’m Skyler and you have an appointment with me.”
“Hi Skyler. I’m Gabriel Bateman and to be honest, yes I was expecting someone else. I was expecting Mr. Spielberg.”
“Well, I am Mr. Spielberg. Skyler Spielberg, but based on your reaction, you were expecting Steven Spielberg. But I’m the one that sent the invitation. But I don’t understand the confusion. What did your invitation say?”
“According to my agent I had an audition with S. Spielberg.”
“Now I understand the confusion. One time I decide not to sent the invitations myself, but leave that to an assistant and immediately it’s screwed up. I understand if you decide to leave given the circumstances.”

“I am an actor and I am nowhere near the level of a George Clooney or Matt Damon, so I can’t be too picky in the roles I choose. And since you didn’t trick me, I’m here to stay for the audition. I interpreted S. Spielberg as Steven Spielberg.”
“That’s very nice of you. So which of the texts did you prepare?”
“None, I didn’t get any texts to prepare. I came here wondering what I should do for the audition.”
“I really need to get a new assistant. This one is really good at screwing things up. So we have two options: Either we do an improvisation audition, since I wasn’t prepared on improvisation either or we make a new appointment for an audition and I make sure you get texts to choose from.”
“I like the idea of the improvisation audition and if you think it wasn’t good enough, we can always make a new appointment and I can then use the texts you send me.”

Gabriel walks to the stage. “Tell me what you want me to do.”
“This is a comedy, so imagine Chucky walking in, wearing a dress.” A few more instruction regarding the scene follow. And Gabriel started to play the scene.
Skyler knew Gabriel was good, but this good, he hadn’t expected.

“I had a few more scenes to test you out, but you already blew me away on this one. You’re exactly what I was looking for, for the lead role in my movie. But now comes the hard part: negotiations with your agent about your fee. I don’t have the budget the other S. Spielberg has.”
Laughing Gabriel answers: “Yeah, I can imagine you don’t have his budget, but I’m sure you will reach an agreement with my agent. I’m not as expensive as a G. Clooney or M. Damon.”
Skyler starts laughing as well. “If I can reach an agreement with your agent, we will be having a lot of fun on set.”

They say goodbye and Gabriel returns to to guard. “How was your audition?” he asks.
“I think I did okay. He only let me do one scene and wants me for the lead role.”
“Congratulations on getting the lead role.”
“I don’t have it yet, my agent could ruin it for me in the salary negotiations.”
“I work in the industry for several years now, this is only a side job for me, because Skyler is a good friend of mine. I know it helps when an actor tells his agent he really wants the job.”

With that advise Gabriel returns home.

Did Gabriel get the role or did his agent ruin it for him? Rules in the industry are clear about that: you will find out when you’re allowed to find out. Until then: 🤐

Chucky (Child's Play)
Chucky (Child’s Play)
Gabriel Michael Bateman
Gabriel Michael Bateman

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