The Blonde Swedish God

Oscar Stembridge
Oscar Stembridge

I’m a young girl and recently I’ve fallen in love with a Swedish boy, but the problem is that he doesn’t know me and I don’t live in Sweden. I’ve decided to call him The Blonde Swedish God. That’s the downside of the internet.

And he doesn’t only look beautiful, he has a beautiful voice. How do I know? Easy, he’s a singer. And I’ve listened to his music a lot and still do. How did it all start?

A year ago I was at a sleep over with my bestie. We do that often even if we only live three streets apart. One week we’re sleeping at my place, the other week at her place. Only in the weekend though, otherwise our parents will complain.
During that specific sleep over at her house, she showed me a YouTube video of a boy singing.
He looked beautiful and had a great voice.

I asked her what his name was and she showed it on her tablet. I typed in his name on my iPad and I found his YouTube channel and subscribed. Theoz is absolutely amazing.
She then showed me another blonde Swedish singer. His name is Oscar. He looks beautiful too and also has a beautiful voice.

We watched several other videos, but none of them were with such beautiful boys as Oscar and Theoz. When I returned home I kept watching their videos, I fell in love with one of them. He’s just a bit more beautiful and I want him as my boyfriend, but the distance is a bit of a problem and that he doesn’t know me. But I can always fantasize about him being my boyfriend and have his photo as my phone background.

You want to know who my Blonde Swedish God is? Hover over the heart and everything will become clear.

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