The Chorister Battle

One fine day somewhere in London, a lot of choristers are at a venue in London, to get the big prize: A CD produced by one of UK’s top producers for classical music.

Two of the candidates are former candidates of BBC’s chorister of the year: Cormac Thompson and Luca Brugnoli. All candidates gather in the lobby where the rules of the competition are explained: Boys are teamed up in duos and from each duo 1 boy will advance to the next round. Every round new duos are formed until in the end 1 boy wins.
Boys that lose the battle will get a punishment, What that punishment will be, they aren’t saying. Cormac and Luca recognize each other and hope they won’t meet until the finals. Next the duos are announced. One of the duos is Cormac vs Luca. It’s not what the boys hoped for, but they decide to do their best. They have to go to the dressing room to get dressed for the performance. Further instructions will be in the dressing room.

They walk to the dressing room and see 2 chorister robes and a note saying that they have to wear the provided robes. The boys are not happy (since they are rather ugly), but they know they will have no choice. When they are about to change, they hear a boy crying loud in the hallway. They open the door and see a boy crying and running through the hallway. One of the producers is screaming for the boy to get back and don’t make a fuss. He agreed with the rules. Luca and Cormac look at each other and say: “No way we’re staying”. The boys check that the hallways are empty and sneak out to the stands to get their moms.

“Why aren’t you in your dressing room?” Cormac’s mom asks the boys. “We will explain when we’re out of here. We no longer want to compete.”
Both moms look at each other and walk outside with the boys. On their way out, they run into Dominic Ferris, who came to watch the boys. “Where are you going?” he asks. “We’re leaving and the boys will explain outside.” Dominic tags along. When they’re outside the boys explain about the note and the boy in the hallway. “You made the right choice boys. We didn’t agree to this. When we heard about the punishment we already frowned, but this is much much worse.” Luca’s mom responds.

“Since I came to see you compete, I’ve got an empty schedule for the rest of the day, so I would like to do a suggestion. Hope your moms and you boys like the suggestion.” Dominc says. “Let’s all go to my place and make some music there.”

Luca and Cormac look hopeful at their moms, hoping they will agree. “Let’s check my schedule, what were my plans for the rest of the day…… Oh yeah. Hoping my son would go far in the competition.” says Allison. “What a coincidence” Mandi replies. “That were my plans too. Since that is no longer happening, we’ve got time to do this.” ‘If I get to choose between listening to my son sing in a competition where losers are punished or my song singing under the guidance of Dominic with a fellow talented singer, I don’t have to think long.” Luca and Cormac are happy. They still get to sing. Not against each other in a competition, but together with the guidance of Dominic.

They’re about to leave when one of the producers calls them. They need to go inside immediately. They aren’t allowed to leave without permission. “Read your own contract. We can leave as long as we want, without any consequences as long as the boys haven’t gone on stage.” Mandi shouts back at the producer. And the group continues their journey to Dominic’s house. But then Dominic’s phone rings. They can’t hear what the conversation is about, but from his looks it isn’t a good message.
“Sorry, I forgot I had a different appointment today, so I can’t stay with you. And you can’t come to my place today. But I do hope you come to my place together somewhere in the future.” Dominic says after the phone call. “I heard the Royal Albert Hall is open today for visitors. Maybe you like to look around there. You can even look backstage from what I’ve heard.” and then he leaves.

Luca and Cormac are said they can’t go to Dominc today, but they love the offer to make music together at Dominic’s soon.
“We could walk around London a bit, but I think you love visiting the Royal Albert Hall, so let’s go there.”
This puts a big smile on the faces of the boys. They continue to the Royal Albert Hall and join in on the tour.

Luca and Cormac look their eyes out. Cormac notices things he didn’t see when he got to perform there in 2022. When they reach the stage the tour guide asks who can sing. Cormac and Luca are the only ones to raise their hand. “Usually most kids raise their hand, now only two. Well, why don’t you show us how good you can sing” says the tour guide expecting nothing. First it’s Cormacs turn. He starts to sing and the tour guide is surprised at how good Cormac sings.”Have you considered a career in singing?” he asks him. Alison starts to laugh. “Look up Cormac Thompson on YouTube and you will see how much I love singing. And you can also look me up on Spotify and see I already released an album and a lot of singles.”

“Guess we found the singer in our group. You can still perform boy, but never have all the people that put their finger up, been able to really sing.” Cormac, Alison and Mandi start to laugh. They know better.
Then Luca starts to sing. The tour guide is surprised. Another kid that can sing really well. What is happening here. He isn’t used to this. “You should consider a career in singing as well.” he says to Luca.
“Have you ever heard of Libera?” Luca asks the guide. “Of course, otherwise I would be a bad tour guide.” he replies. “I’m a member of Libera and even a soloist in the choir.”
“Guess, it’s my lucky day. Never have I had so little response and then get surprised by 2 such talented boys. Do you want to continue the tour or sing some more?”

“Since our voices haven’t properly warmed up, it’s better we keep it to one song. Otherwise we would have loved to do some more singing.” Cormac replies.

The tour continues and at the end of the tour the boys agree that they made the right choice not competing against each other. This was way more fun.

Cormac Thompson

Cinema Paradiso (Se) by Cormac Thompson

Luca Brugnoli

Fields of Gold by Luca Brugnoli

Luca Brugnoli (L) and Cormac Thompson (R)
Luca Brugnoli (lower left) and Cormac Thompson (upper right)

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