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William Franklyn-Miller
William Franklyn-Miller

It’s a normal day for William Franklyn-Miller. He just got home from swim training and now time for breakfast. As always his brother Noah and sister Sienna are also present.

The eat their breakfast and meanwhile look back at the training. It was a good training session, but there is always room for improvement. After breakfast it’s time for school. Since he’s homeschooled, Will knows he will be in time for school. But don’t think homeschooling is the easy life. His mom makes sure Will does his school work. Only time he has an excuse not to spend time on school is when he has a modelling job or an acting job. The first he has more than the last. Will loves doing them both and also spend time on his other hobby: making music.
But for now it’s just school.

While Will is busy with his schoolwork he hears his mothers phone ring. Always hoping it will be his agent calling that it’s another modelling or acting gig, but usually it’s not about him. Reason his agent calls his mom, is that she keeps track of Will’s schedule and makes sure he doesn’t get too much gigs. He needs to have a personal life too and he does have enough time for school work too.
This time it is his agent and it’s about an acting gig. He doesn’t have anything scheduled and his latest modelling job was long enough ago that he is allowed to do one. His agent wants to talk over the requirements with Will himself. This is no problem as Will’s mom knows that Will knows the limits and she always has the final word, not that she ever said no so far.

Will takes the call and the agent tells Will it’s an acting job. It’s a new producer and new director, but the script looks good and Will gets a lead role. No crazy stunts, of course no nudity. All scenes are decent scenes. They want Will to audition, but it’s almost certain that he will get the role. Will checks the possible audition dates (the producer and director didn’t want a self tape) with his mom and makes the appointment.

Noah Franklyn-Miller
Noah Franklyn-Miller

It’s audition day. Sienna is playing at a friends house, dad is off to work, so Noah gets to come along with Will and mom to the audition. The director himself comes to get Will for the audition when his eye falls on Noah. “Does your brother act too?” he asks Will. Will, Noah and mom look surprised. Noah acting? Nobody ever came up with that idea. Noah never considered a career in acting/modelling. That was Will’s thing. “Noah hasn’t acted yet. Why do you ask?”. Mom is curious, but at the same time she hopes they aren’t using Will to actually book Noah. “He looks perfect for the role of little brother. If he is interested he can do audition for that role.” Noah’s eye light up. Acting together with his big brother in his first acting job. Sounds good. But at the same time he wonders if he’s good enough to be Will’s little brother in the movie. Mom sees Noah’s face and says he can do audition.

The audition went well for both and they both got the job. And both boys are excited to work together in he movie.

A few weeks later the filming is on it’s way and both brothers are having fun on the set. Until one day the director decided to change the scene.
“Okay boys. A little change in this scene. Take off your clothes.” he says to Will and Noah.
“There were no other clothes in our dressing room, so what are we supposed to wear?” Will asks.
“You’re wearing nothing.” the director says, “so takes those clothes off now.”
Noah starts undressing, but Will stops him. “Keep your clothes on Noah. We’re not doing nude scenes. Not even underwear scenes. This wasn’t in the original script and not what our agent agreed on when we were booked.”

“I don’t care about that stupid agent of yours. This is my set and when I say you take your clothes off, you take them off.” But Will and Noah keep their clothes on. Since Will and Noah are refusing the director tells the production assistants to guide Will and Noah back to their dressing room and lock them up in there until they’re naked. And to take away the phones from the boys.”
Since Will was the only one that uses his phone and Noah always said he didn’t have his phone with him, they only seize Will’s phone. When the production assistants are gone and Will and Noah are alone, Noah takes his phone from his bag.
“You’re a smart little brother. Taking your phone along, but not telling anyone.” Will says.
“Well. I noticed there was no WiFi here, so I can’t use the phone except for calling, which is boring. But in this case, I can call mom and tell her what happend.”
So Noah calls mom and explains the situation. Mom tells him that they need to keep calm and don’t take their clothes off.

After finishing the call with Noah, mom calls the agent. Mom has no idea where Will and Noah are, because she had to drop them off at a gathering point and she wasn’t welcome on set.
Unfortunately the agent has no idea either and tells mom to call the police, which mom does. Mom tells what happened to her sons to the police and tells the name of the production company and the location of the pick up point. The police will start a search for the boys. They tell her to stay home and inform them when she hears something from the boys.

Meanwhile at the set…
It’s time for lunch and the director goes to the dressing room of Will and Noah. “Are you undressed yet?” “No!”. The director calls a few of the crew and walks into the room. He tells two to hold Will and together with two other crew members he starts undressing Noah. When he’s done with Noah, he wants to start with Will when he hears sirens coming closer. It sounds like the police. Before he can start on Will he hears: “Hands in the air. This is the police.” He raises his hands and so do the others. A police woman walks in and tells Noah that he’s safe and can get dressed again. When Noah is dressed again, he and Will gather their stuff and walk with the police to a police car. The police takes them home.

At the Franklyn-Miller residence, mom is surprised they’re home so soon after the call and also happy the boys are safe again. The police woman explains they called the producer and he was shocked about what happened and told the police where they were filming. Not long after they agent calls mom and tells the producer didn’t know about the scene change and hopes Will and Noah can finish filming the movie under a new director and with mom present on the set. Mom hesitates and tells she’ll call back. After talking to Will, Noah and her husband she agrees to the boys finishing the movie.

And for those interested: the director has been convicted for kidnapping and an attempt to make child pornography. He will have to do jail time and has a life time ban on working with children.

Author note: This is a fully fictional story. As far as I know Will and Noah haven’t worked together on a movie and they never experienced what is described above.

Sienna, Noah & William Franklyn-Miller
Sienna, Noah & William Franklyn-Miller

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