The stolen clothes

Tyler Lorette
Tyler Lorette

It’s a warm day. Temperatures are pretty high for the time of the year, but that doesn’t stop Tyler Lorette from performing at a gig. Music is his life. And he loves performing in front of an audience. What Tyler doesn’t know yet is that something unexpected is going to happen, something Tyler won’t like. Usually Tyler doesn’t get a dressing room and he has to put on his clothes for gigging at home. But at this gig he gets a dressing room with a shower. And with the warm weather that is very welcome. Since they told his mom about it upfront Tyler brought an extra set of clothes and a towel so he can take a shower after the gig. So he doesn’t have to go home all sweaty.
Tyler has a pretty long set for a simple gig, but that’s what they asked for.


Tyler did a mix of originals and covers. Among his originals were Rise in Love and Broken. The audience enjoyed his performance very much. His biggest supporters being of course his parents. He’s grateful that they support him all the way. After he did his set, the audience asks for more. One look at the organisation and they nod that he can give an encore. Tyler decides to do a song dedicated to his grandfather. And he finishes off with a less grave song: Love it up, but not before he did a cover of a very well known song by another Canadian artist: God’s Plan.

After Tyler finished his set and the encore it’s time to go to his dressing room and take a shower. The door to his dressing room can’t be locked, but since the only access is when you come off stage or when you pass a guard securing the entrance. Only people with a back stage pass are allowed backstage. Since he can’t be 100% everything is safe, his mom comes to his dressing room to collect his valuable stuff, like his iPad, iPhone and wallet. Tyler takes his clothes off after mom has gone and steps into the shower.
Tyler doesn’t mind coming more often to this venue for gigging. The audience was amazing and the shower is just perfect. Tyler can spend hours under this shower. But he can’t. His mom won’t wait forever, even though she can be very patient.

While Tyler is enjoying his shower someone sneaks in to his dressing room and takes Tyler’s bag and clothes. Tyler gets out of the shower even though he wanted to stay longer, but he doesn’t want to let his mom wait too long. When Tyler walks back into the dressing room he gets the shock of his live. It’s empty. His bag with a towel and clean clothes is gone and the clothes he wore during the gig are also gone.
What can he do now? He can’t just leave the dressing room, but when he stays here nothing will happen either. His mom will wait patiently outside until Tyler comes. Security won’t come check, because why would they. Tyler is happy he gave his phone to his mom, otherwise it would have been stolen too. When Tyler decides to leave his dressing room in search of a security guard that can fetch his mom for him, he hears a knock on the door. He quickly covers his private parts and then says the person can enter. It’s a security guard. Apparently someone dropped off a package a the door for Tyler. The guard leaves it in the dressing room and leaves again. Tyler opens the package. It’s a dress and a note.
“Since your clothes are gone, we have an alternative for you. Enjoy the dress.”

No name or any clue who left him the dress. Tyler now has 2 options: to go outside naked or in a dress. Tyler doesn’t like either option. But he has to choose one. He decides to put on the dress and walks to a security guard. He asks the guard if the guard can get his mom, so she can think of a solution. The guard agrees and uses his radio to ask a colleague to get Tyler’s mom.

Outside Brock sees someone walking with Tyler’s bag. It has to be his little brother’s bag, as the colour is correct and the blouse half sticking out is the blouse Tyler wore during the gig. Brock decides to stop the guy and get the bag. The guy didn’t expect Brock and quickly hands over the bag. Brock decides to take the bag to Tyler. When he reaches the door to the backstage area he is stopped by a security guard. He asks Brock for his backstage pass. Brock doesn’t have one. He didn’t need one, since he didn’t have to do anything for Tyler. He was there to just enjoy his little brother performing. Only mom has one, so she could get Tyler’s expensive stuff. He is still arguing with the security guard when his mom comes. She asks Brock what he is doing there with Tyler’s bag. Brock tells how he ran into the guy with the bag. Tyler’s mom takes the bag and she is allowed in. Even when she says Brock is her son, he doesn’t get in. Brock is fine with that now mom is here and can bring Tyler his bag.

When mom walks into Tyler’s dressing room with his bag he asks her how she got his bag. She says she’ll explain it in the car, leaves the bag and goes away. Tyler takes off the dress and quickly puts on his own clothes. He’s happy he doesn’t have to go outside in a dress.

Tyler Lorette
Tyler Lorette

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