Walker Campbell – Locked out of the hotel room

“Walker, can you get the newspaper from the hall?” asked his mom. “Sure, it’s just outside the hotel room door, so why not. No need to put on a bath robe, I can do this in my underwear, I don’t have to leave the room.” is what Walker thought. Walker opened the door and noticed the news paper was a bit further away. “I can do this quickly, nobody will notice me in my underwear.”

Well, that was the wrong idea. Walker pushed the door wide open, walked outside to fetch the newspaper. Walked back and when he was almost back at the door, he heard it close.
Walker decided to knock on the door, so his mom could open the door, but nothing happened.

Walker knocks again and hears a giggle. He looks around and sees a girl about 6 years old standing in the hallway. Great, that’s just what he needed. A girl spotting him in his underwear, just hope she doesn’t recognize him. Being seen in his underwear is bad, being seen in his underwear by a girl is worse. But being seen in his underwear by a female fan is a major disaster.

“You’re Walker Campbell.” says the girl. “Eh…….., yes.” says Walker, feeling ashamed. (Walker wished he could die this instant. What he absolutely didn’t want, just happened.” She continued: “My sister listens to your music everyday. She’s a major fan.”. “And you? Do you like my music?” Walker asks. “Nah, I think your music sucks.” Walker is relieved she isn’t a fan, but still ashamed. Hope she’s not going to call her sister.

Walker Campbell with a heart on his shirt near a fence
Walker Campbell

Walker knocks on the door again. Still no response. “Mom, turn off the music and let me in, before anyone else sees me” he thinks. But of course this doesn’t help. He notices the girl is still standing there and hasn’t called her sister yet. “Why haven’t you called you sister yet? I thought she was a major fan?” he asks with a little hesitation. “You seem like a nice boy and my sister isn’t a nice girl. So I’m not giving her the pleasure of meeting you in your underwear. Why are you underwear anyway?”. Surprised by the answer, Walker replies: “I was trying to get the newspaper, but it wasn’t in front of the door. I thought I could get it and get back in the room before the door closed, but I just didn’t make it.”

“If you knock a little harder, your mom might hear it.” the girl says. And she helps Walker knock. This time, Walker’s mom opens the door. “Why are you in the hotel hallway in your underwear?” she asks Walker, “And who’s that girl?”. “Long story” Walker answers his mom and walks into his room.
The girl looks one more time at Walker and makes a gesture as if she is sealing her lips. Walker smiles and closes the door.

Later that day in the restaurant of the hotel Walker is sitting there with his mom, when the girl walks by. She waves as Walker and he waves back. The girls sister looks surprised at her sister. “How do you know any boys around here?” she asks her little sister. “Don’t you recognize Walker Campbell?” she replies. Her sister takes a better look and indeed recognizes Walker. “You’re right, but how do you know him?” she asks. “I happen to have run into him earlier today.” she says (omitting the underwear part). “And you didn’t tell me? Why?”. “All you do is either ignore me or boss me around, so why would I tell you.”

Walker asks the little girl: “I never asked you what your name is. What is it?”
My name is Jennifer she replies. “Nice name” Walkers mom replies. The girl smiles. Walker signs a photo and writes at the back: “It was nice meeting you Jennifer. Even under the circumstances. 😉” and gives the little girl the photo. The big sister looks at Walker and her sister and walks on. “Maybe I need to start listening to music my age she says, instead of such juvenile artists.” “Anyone knows any 12-year old artists?” Jennifer shouts. Walker starts laughing. “It’s never bad to listen to artists that are older than you. Even if they’re not that much older.”
Jennifer asks him: “How old are you then Walker?”. “I’m 13, turning 14 in April.” he replies.
Jennifer’s big sister quickly sits down and looks away from Walker. Her plan backfired.

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